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Not to mention water washes out all our natural fluids, which makes sex akin to rubbing two pieces of paper together.

Unsexy and kind of dry. Maybe on the bathroom floor after the shower? If you still have a fascination with doing it around water, use the shower head as foreplay instead.

Take it to the bathtub. If you MUST indulge in the hot water Olympics, this is the way to fucl because a tub can actually be cleaned, and the water is coming fresh from the faucet. Keep it in your pants until you both get home.

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Head to your own backyard. Well, a lot, actually — doing it in the back of any car sucks.

The only thing getting banged are elbows, eyeballs and your head on the steering wheel or the roof of the car. Got a pick-up truck handy?

Technically, it has a BED! And if you lay down a few soft sheets and pillows, you could literally turn it into one.

We've also got public, crazy, fun, strange and dangerous places to have sex. So pick and But do you want to know the best way to break the routine? Have sex . You should wear a pair of sweatpants so that you can quickly put yourself away if caught. Likewise your female counterpart needs to wear a skirt for ease of. One of the best ways to keep your sex life spicy is to switch up your location. But where are the best places to have sex? According to a

Literally anywhere else. No one on the plane has time for your shenanigans, especially the passenger who drank a few too many sodas and really needs to pee. She loves mangoritas, talking in the third person and when you share her articles with your friends.

Follow her on Twitter Ladyhaha, or go to Shedens. By Amanda Chatel.

By Amy Ffuck. The study, which was conducted in Quebec, examined the sexual fantasies of women who were mostly between the ages of 20 and And although they found that not all women want to act on their fantasies, what they did see is that location is everything.

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But with so many places in the world where you could possibly have sex, where should you start? Here are nine locations where you should have sex at least once. If you grew up outside a city, then you probably spent a good chunk of your teenage years making out or having sex in cars.

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Where else is a teenager with raging hormones supposed to go to have sex? Car sex is awesome.

I have had sex in four public bathrooms in my life. Yes, the germ factor sounds vile and disgusting, and totally a boner killer, but in the heat of the moment, germs are the furthest thing from your mind. Definitely the latter, if only because you are literally pressed for time and at any gou someone could walk in on you.

It not only brings you back to those days when you used to sneak some sexy times in when Do you need a place to fuck were living at home, but the risk of getting caught by mom and dad, at yoh for some people, is just the ultimate thrill. If you do do it, you will hardly be alone. Oh, yes, the Mile High Club. While the idea of trying to get it on plaace that tiny bathroom or under a blanket in coach seems like an insanely bad idea, there are those who have pulled it off.

According to study by Switchfly, four percent of Americans get to say they're part of the Mile High Clubwith men pretty much jou the scene.

But for the women who have been able to join, the majority of them are from 45 to 54 years of age.

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